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Supply Issues - Liquid Oxygen for Water Treatment Process

August 25, 2021

VDH has made VA WARN aware that one of the large Water utilities in Virginia received a  Force Majeure letter from Airgas LLC that they would not be able to supply any liquid oxygen (LOX) due to demands for oxygen from the medical market (as a result of the COVID-19 surge).   In this instance, the utility uses LOX to generate ozone for disinfection and preoxidation.  Based upon this notification it is expected that other utilities may face similar supply challenges.  It is unlikely that an alternate supply of LOX will be identified until demand decreases in the medical market.  In the event that your utility is facing a challenge on chemical supply, please notify VDH/DEQ as soon as possible as well as VA WARN. 

VA WARN Associates

Virginia Water Environment Association American Water Works Association - Virginia Section