Mutual Aid Agreement

The VA WARN Committee has developed the Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) documents.

The MAA documents were developed taking into account the following existing forms of agreements and information:

Where possible, the attached documents were drafted to be consistent with the VDEM and NCR models (in that priority). The benefits of doing so include increasing acceptance and approval by Virginia localities and authorities already party to one or both of those agreements, avoiding inconsistent programs, and facilitating transition from a VA WARN-level response to a response by VDEM or others after a formal emergency or disaster declaration.

Summary of MAA Documents

The Mutual Aid Agreement is structured to facilitate rapid emergency response between and among VA WARN Member Utilities. Having a signed MAA already in place and on file prior to an emergency can greatly facilitate planning and prioritizing by other Utilities responding to your requests for help in time of need.

Please download the MAA and execute the MAA in accordance with the requirements of your locality or authority. It is anticipated that each Utility will need governing body authorization and the signature of the chief administrative officer or executive director.

Please note that with governing body authorization in the manner provided in the Authorizing Resolution form, the MAA is designed to enable the Utility to execute an appropriate Event Agreement at the time of the emergency without further governing body action.

Upon executing the MAA, please forward the following documents to the address shown below:

  1. Copy of the MAA adopted authorizing resolution/ordinance
  2. An executed copy of the MAA
  3. Authorized Representative Form

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